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What Christina's Clients Say

Christina Specos is one-of-a-kind. Not only is she a coach, but she is a remarkable friend and life-mentor who strives to make those around her better as individuals in and out of the gym. Having been trained by Christina for 5 years as a Division 1 volleyball athlete, I can’t describe the positive impact she has had on my life as a person first, and an athlete second. Her training style, knowledge and passion for her athletes allowed me and my fellow teammates to achieve milestones on and off of the court that I never thought possible. She is so much more than a coach as she connects with athletes and clients on a personal level and truly cares about everyone’s overall wellbeing. Christina is ambitious, sincere, and committed, three qualities that make her one of the best.
Ashley Evans
Working with Christina was an AWESOME experience! Christina helped me with the accountability that I needed. She also helped me develop an eating plan that worked out well for me in getting my jump start on better eating. The meals and recipes got me started on a way of eating that I was having difficulty with actually considering before we met.
Jenna M
For vanity's sake, I can honestly tell you that I never (EVER) intended to post these publicly. And then my coach sent me a text and told me I was a badass and she has been so inspirational and so supportive and I thought, "F it. If I can do this, so can anyone else. And maybe they will feel a push from this too." You should know that there is only a 5-pound difference between these photos. I was "skinny fat." I wore a 2-4 and I weighed 125 when we started last January. I currently wear a 0 and weigh 120. I trained for 12 weeks and I felt pretty good about walking on that stage in April. This November I will compete again and having 6 months to destroy and rebuild this body feels INCREDIBLE. If you want a change, MAKE A CHANGE. It's that simple... and it's that hard.
Alicia C.

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