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Athletics teaches you that when things get hard you need to just suck up and figure it out. It’s about “how badly do you want it” in the end…

“Mental toughness” they say…

What is that?
-To me:
-the ability to quiet the noise and keep nose to grindstone
-the ability to extract your goals and superpowers and maximize your potential with a solid plan
-the ability to stay mature in your headspace to roll with the punches
-the ability to focus on the HERE AND NOW and COMMIT to try, tweak, succeed, learn, repeat

Not everyone knows HOW to do this though.

This is where I come in. I get people “unstuck.” I open their minds. I find solutions. I keep their actions accountable. I teach.

-learn and grow
-try new things
-TRUST me and the process
-have a great experience and see results

Playing on a sports team is like life. People DEPEND on you. If you don’t know and execute your role, the team suffers. In life, that team is your family.

Do you WANT to be at your best for your family or do you want everyone to suffer because you burn the candle at both ends and just have nothing left… until you get sick or worse off, die? This is all too common.

Most people are REACTIONARY and will only change in life or death scenarios because the pressure THEN is too great and there’s no other option.

For example – it’s so much harder for people to grasp the concept of doing things now to PREVENT worst case scenario – but – when in dire straits, they will spend ANYTHING to try ANYTHING and travel ANYWHERE for the help they need to finally try and reverse it, and often it’s too late it becomes much harder.

Unfortunately that mindset won’t just affect your health. It limits your growth opportunity, your work performance and your income too.

But- check this out- to prepare, each INDIVIDUAL on the team must be armored with tools. It creates a supportive environment for execution and success.

How many basketball teams have a star point guard but if their #5 player can’t post up and execute in the paint the magic won’t happen and opportunities on those plays are lost points.

How many football teams have amazing quarterbacks but receivers who just can’t catch to put the ball in the end zone and points on the board?


Every day you have an opportunity to stack up points. They accumulate. The art of refining your craft and achieving your goals DOES NOT stop though. There’s no buzzer. There’s no “oh thank God it’s done…” until you DIE. That is NOT the ending WE look forward to.

I want you to love life. I want you to dream and execute big. And I want to support you to GET IT. Every. Darn. Day.

You know, I may be in a different setting but I will ALWAYS be a badass coach. I will always PUSH people to greatness.

How can I serve YOU?