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Look, y’all, it was a Fridayyyyy….
It’s been like 6 weeks cooped up in the house…
I’ve been having stress because of some BULLLLL 💩 going on…
I ‘just happened’ to be out by Ben & Jerry’s….
It was all @laureilly5435 ‘s fault for driving that way and stoping at FedEx next door…


I can make a list of excuses… or I can just be a BOSS and OWN my actions and choices!

So… I did!! 🥳🥳
And it was empowering not to have guilt.
And I loved every lick of this dairy free delight I found!

Here’s the deal—- that food guilt thing- it happens when you’re trying to be perfect.

That binge thing – it happens when you don’t know how to work treats in after making the conscious choice and true effort to eat on a well balanced 80-90% of the time.

That treat thing- it’s so much sweeter after you paid your dues to be disciplined and committed to the new lifestyle you say you want…

(Let’s be real… even in competition prep mode… most people come close to 100% but it’s a struggle until the blinders flip on…)

I get this ALLLL the time from clients…

“OMG I had a horrible week- went totally off the rails…”

“OMG I want ALLL the junk food- like NOW…”

“OMG this week my eating sucked… but at least I worked out still.”

Look, I’m all for finding the silver lining in every scenario… and praising the “wins” of the week….


You know what they say about rationalizations and excuses…

(Pssst – they are like 💩holes… everyone has them and they all stink…)


Everything in life we do is a CHOICE.

How do you FEEL when you choose things that are stereotyped as “right?”

How do you FEEL when you choose thing that you classify as “bad?”

When you get to the point that the FEELING is the same because you ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for your CHOICES and then MOVE ON…you commit to the mindset of growth and recommit you your goals.

It then becomes a non- issue…

You look at it rationally, not emotionally.

You truly LIVE!

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