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Success Stories That will inspire you


Jenna M.

"Working with Christina was an AWESOME experience! Christina helped me with the accountability that I needed. She also helped me develop an eating plan that worked out well for me in getting my jump start on better eating. The meals and recipes got me started on a way of eating that I was having difficulty with actually considering before we met."

Kenishia p.

"I have loved every minute of coaching with Christina. I use to be a fad hopper, jumping from Keto, to IF, to completely cutting things out like carbs, sugars etc. They never lasted long at all and I never lost the weight that I wanted. Since I have been working with Christina I am down 8lbs and my clothes fit so much better. The thing of it is is that if I had been as dedicated to the process as I should have been there would have been WAYYY more progress. But that is on me. She gave me the tools that I need to keep this progress going. She also held me accountable for any choice that I made whether it was my diet, or my workouts. I absolutely love working with her she is so motivating... When this move is over I hope to work with her again.... Maybe one day I will think about prepping for a show!!!!! Maybe one day lol. My diet was ALWAYS the thing that gets me. But I have a better hold of my eating habits now. I learned to have a healthier relationship with food and to not Sabotage my whole day because of one meal."


You too can also be an inspiration!

Worried about ever increasing weight and not getting results without a gym?

I’ve been there. I’ve struggled at times to be able to reach my goals too. But where there is a will, there is a way.

Over the past 2 decades, I’ve worked with the elite in professional and collegiate sports, bodybuilding, athletic, training, and general fitness.

I’m sharing with you the mindset, goal setting, daily accountability, and tracking that you can use successfully to feel better and get in great shape!

Let nothing hold you back!

I want you to be able to reach your goals, without barriers, without doubt.

You can do it, and I’m here to help you along the way!

Trusted by

Professional International Volleyball Player (Italy) and Champion
A Drews
Annie Drews
Professional - Team USA
T Cole
Trent Cole
Philadelphia Eagles DE 2005-2014

I’m going to be here to help you throughout your journey!

We’re going to get you to your goals together!

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