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Today was just a 💩 of a day…

…And, in my world that can be both a positive and negative thing!

I consider myself a high achiever with high goals and expectations.

In 4 years, I had never missed a workout or a meal. I was kind of disgustingly robotic, emotionless and uber focused. I lived intensely minute to minute, BOOKED.

Recently I have been giving myself a hard time for stepping away from that rigidity and allowing myself more freedom and intuitiveness, within a NEW structure.

I ended up getting a little peptalk tonight that pulled me out of my sloppiness of the last couple of days and back into a commitment to myself.

In this video, I am TIRED, stressed and inflamed. My knees are sore from a run on Sunday. My head is achy from being on the phone and answering emails all day. And my hair is greasy because I forgot to wash my hot oil treatment out.

I look and feel like a mess.

In this video, I am also committed to an activity to reduce stress and inflammation, wind my mind down and work on what I need most… Mobility flexibility and relaxation.

and… It’s after 1:30 AM…

I don’t say this to brag, but to note the accomplishment of actually taking 10 minutes for me, and at whatever hour that I have. Getting something done, even if a small amount of time, is always better than nothing!

You see, this 10 minutes will compound… and so does days and weeks of avoidance.

This 10 minutes is small in comparison to what I’ve done, but right NOW, it is a MAJOR win!

Done consistently … while it may not be the perfection that I was used to, it’s progress in the right direction- and progress, whether small or slow is still FORWARD progress! ❤️🙏🏼

If you are stuck and frustrated, maybe I can help…

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