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OK… Hear me out on this one… This post is not what you think it’s going to be about 😈🤣 Most people use the phrase “hit it and quit it” to describe short-lived sexual gratification.

How many of you have felt this way about your food?

Often I hear people complain that they have no discipline around food, emotions and guilt around food, or they just can’t stop eating… …usually junk food… (Even “good” foods in excess can hinder you from reaching your goals, btw…)

It’s a big deal to really understand how to improve your relationship with food! So with respect to “hit it and quit it” style of eating…

How many of you have…

-eaten mindlessly and quickly, that food is gone in a few minutes and you were left still feeling unsatisfied?
-gotten emotional, over indulged in one snack with rapid pace, and then onto the next?
-overly enjoyed a slew of (nutritionally) sub-optimal choices and sat there, with guilt and shame?

Look, we have done it…. I mean, I can polish off a jar of peanut butter in 7 minutes and 28 seconds if I let myself …. 🤣

…and 10 pounds of home made jumbo chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies too, for that matter… It does not discriminate.

Food is life…Until it’s not…

Once it becomes an obsession, seen as the enemy or becomes synonymous with guilt or just not purposeful anymore, it’s just like your hit it and quit it date… Despite having instant gratification and immense pleasure in the moment, you’re quickly left unsatisfied and feeling shameful and you start to realize that you have to find a relationships that’s more rewarding and satisfying for the long-haul.

Who relates to this self sabotage cycle?

If you are—-
-Struggling to get your nutrition in check to see results…
-Unsure how to reframe your relationship with food to reach your goals…
-Eating too much or eating low quality foods thus feeling physically and mentally sluggish…
-Unaware of how to use food to your benefit to perform at your best…
… And/Or ….
-just stuck and frustrated… …Maybe I can help…😉

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