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I used to follow a lot of female bodybuilding competitors on social media…☝🏽

They all would say the same thing…🙄

“Me vs Me”
“I’m gonna beat this girl…”
“X number of weeks till…”

Blah blah blah – shut upppppp… 🙅🏻‍♀️ (and then I just would hit “mute” or “unfollow”)

I know this feeling of “power” a competitor feels when blasting that shit (every frickin’ day in prep no less), and I have every right to say this…because I was one of them!! And quite honestly one day, I am sure I may be again, soon…💯

I’m not “better” than anyone else… BUT… My perspective has shifted recently.

When it is truly “you versus you…” Nobody else’s story matters.

No one else’s “highlight reel” of an IG page can inspire you.
No one else’s journey is better than the one you ENJOY being on..

You are free and love living life by your own terms.

Your mind is clear, and you’re grateful daily.

After years of “competing with myself” to create a superhero physique, I’m OK with slowing down.

I’m OK with being a little thicker…

I’m OK with enjoying life even if it is in quarantine.🤩

I’m invested in putting my HEALTH first-reducing stress, optimizing hormones, and mentally releasing thoughts of FOMO if I don’t step on stage again “immediately if not sooner!!”🙋🏻‍♀️

I’m happy to meditate, pray, journal, and put my mind into a state of manifesting abundance.✨

I’m passionate to invest more time to my PROFESSIONAL future.🤓

I’m even more passionate to pour more of my heart and soul into helping others after achieving greatness for myself.🥰

And. 👏🏽It. 👏🏽 Feels. 👏🏽 AMAZING.👏🏽

I wish for everyone that this quarantine brings perspective, peace and a return to what’s most important.❤️

To be honest with you, watching some jacked up competitor constantly compare and talk about “how bad do you want it?” gets old.🤨

In all honesty, it feels good not to be that jacked up idiot… Even though I might be sometime in the future…? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Or maybe I will compete again and post with a bit more grace?

…But… right now, it does give perspective to house silly some people sound when you’re not playing that ball game at the moment!😉