Online Fitness for Sports Officials!

I’m proud to continue my working relationship with Carlisle Performance, who provides the gold standard of fitness, movement and injury prevention strategies to Sports Officials.

We’re offering multiple virtual online fitness classes to Sports Officials to stay in shape for their respective seasons.

Sports Officials Online Class Descriptions

Strength and Length

Love the exhilaration of a higher intensity functional strength workout and also the restorative benefits of flexibility? Join us for the ultimate injury prevention strength and conditioning class! Regardless of what position you officiate, this class will prepare you to reduce the risk of injury while becoming stronger and more agile on the field. We begin with mobility and dynamic flexibility work, progress through total-body strength and stability work for the core, and finish with some regenerative lengthening!

Total Body Circuit Training

In this total body conditioning class, you will complete four “quarters” of ten exercises in each quarter for a total of 10 minutes, with a 1-minute “time out” in-between quarters. This circuit training style class includes total body mobility, stability, strength, and power while sustaining an elevated heart rate to improve your cardiovascular conditioning. Prepare to dominate on the field!

Sports Officials Online Fitness Schedule

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