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Let’s talk about HAPPY….

Let me ask you for a second, to get out of the “pissed-off-ness” of what is going on in our world..

…and focus on what is AWESOME!!!

First of all – WORDS MATTER.

I had a friend share with me that he (inadvertently but luckily) saved a guy from committing suicide (unbeknownst to him until he came around to tell him) all because HE SAID SOMETHING KIND TO HIM and lent him an ear an the time of day to let him talk.


You can wake up feeling like the world is caving in, or, open up your eyes, breathe in and out slowly, and be grateful for the things that you DO have.

This does not mean you don’t fight for what is right and to strive earn more and do better…

It does not mean that complacency is ok….

BUT it does mean that the way you THINK as soon as you start your day, will carry you through by setting the tone.

Third – a SMILE goes a long way.

Everyone was out tonight walking and playing with their dogs at the beach walk / park on South Beach.

It was awesome to watch the dogs who were cooped up inside, as hyper and excited as humans to get out and about just play, all carefree.

No one freaked out over masks or distance or touching each other’s dogs.

We respected personal space, smiled when our dogs greeted each other by NOT respecting their personal spaces (LOL) and interacted like NORMAL, HAPPY HUMANS, smiling and happy to be FREE.

We have more to be grateful for than many people choose to see.

I don’t know who needs this right now…however…

I hope the expression on both of our faces says it all… and helps bring a smile your face today too!